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  • Entire North Carolina GOP Senate Field: Climate Change Is Not Fact

    22 April 2014, 8:36 pm by: Daniel Strauss

    Fittingly, all four Republican candidates in the North Carolina Senate race were asked on Earth Day if they believed climate change is a proven fact. And all four candidates said "no."…
  • Rand Paul-Backed Millionaire Wins GOP Primary For Coke Congressman's Seat

    22 April 2014, 8:11 pm by: Daniel Strauss

    Businessman Curt Clawson won the Republican primary for former Rep. Trey Radel's (R-FL) congressional seat, putting him into a good position to win the general election and succeed the congressman who was ousted from office for cocaine possession.…
  • N.C. Republican Posts Open Letter Bashing GOP Senate Candidate Tillis

    22 April 2014, 7:13 pm by: Caitlin MacNeal

    A North Carolina Republican lawmaker raised concerns last week that U.S. Senate candidate Thom Tillis is not prepared to campaign against incumbent Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) in the general election.…
  • NYPD Social Media Campaign Backfires (PHOTOS)

    22 April 2014, 6:37 pm by: Caitlin MacNeal

    On Tuesday, the New York Police Department invited people to submit photos of themselves with NYPD officers.…
  • Politifact To Hagan: 'Mostly False' That Opponent Said Obamacare Is A'Great Idea'

    22 April 2014, 6:18 pm by: Daniel Strauss

    Politifact is calling foul on a recent attack ad by Sen. Kay Hagan's (D-NC) reelection campaign that attacks House Speaker Thom Tillis (R-NC) for calling Obamacare a "great idea."…
  • Today in A La Carte Secession

    22 April 2014, 6:03 pm by: Josh Marshall

    Apparently Texas has its own "Bundy Ranch" situation. And the state's AG - also candidate for Governor - is ready to back up these new Bundys.
  • Wisconsin GOPer Eager To Ban Affirmative Action After Supreme Court Ruling

    22 April 2014, 5:55 pm by: Caitlin MacNeal

    House candidate and Wisconsin state Sen. Glenn Grothman (R) on Tuesday said he would reintroduce legislation to ban affirmative action in the state following Tuesday's Supreme Court decision upholding Michigan's ban on factoring race into college admissions.…
  • New Jersey Lawmakers Call Christie's Spokesman To Testify

    22 April 2014, 5:53 pm by: Eric Lach

    The New Jersey lawmakers investigating the George Washington Bridge lane closures aren't going away just yet. Read More →
  • 'Ministry Of Truth': Justices Cast Doubt On Ohio's Ban On Campaign Lies

    22 April 2014, 5:20 pm by: Sahil Kapur

    The makers of an anti-Obamacare billboard had their day in the nation's highest court Tuesday, and justices broadly sympathized with their qualms against an Ohio law banning false statements about political candidates. Read More →
  • AG Questions Federal Authority In Texas' Own 'Bundy Ranch' Dispute

    22 April 2014, 4:58 pm by: Daniel Strauss

    Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott (R) added his name to the list of Republicans bumping up against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) over land acquisition.…
  • Udall Ad Attacks GOP's Gardner Over Abortion

    22 April 2014, 4:11 pm by: NICHOLAS RICCARDI

    DENVER (AP) — Democratic Senator Mark Udall aired the first ad of his closely-watched re-election campaign on Tuesday, highlighting his challenger's opposition to abortion rights. Read More →
  • Black Caucus: 'Nice Guy' Ryan Still Wrong About Poverty

    22 April 2014, 4:07 pm by: Caitlin MacNeal

    Rep. Gwen Moore (D-CA) on Tuesday said that the Congressional Black Caucus is willing to work with Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), despite the comments he made last month about unemployment and inner city culture.…
  • Pelosi Blasts SCOTUS For Upholding Affirmative Action Ban

    22 April 2014, 3:58 pm by: Sahil Kapur

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) tore into the Supreme Court's ruling Tuesday upholding an affirmative action ban adopted by Michigan's voters. Read More →
  • GA Dem Pitches Cutting 'Congressional Subsidy For Health Care'

    22 April 2014, 3:04 pm by: Daniel Strauss

    Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Michelle Nunn seemed to adopt an old Republican talking point on healthcare in her first ad of the 2014 election cycle.…
  • GOP Senate Candidate: 'Whole World' Would Follow A Louisiana Runoff

    22 April 2014, 2:47 pm by: Caitlin MacNeal

    This post has been updated.…
  • GOP Lawmaker Arrested After He Allegedly Ran A Red Light Leaving Taco Bell Drunk

    22 April 2014, 2:12 pm by: Catherine Thompson

    A Florida lawmaker was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence early Monday morning after police saw him run a red light. Read More →
  • Romney Gives $10K To Defense Fund For 'True And Trusted' Pal Bob McDonnell

    22 April 2014, 2:07 pm by: Eric Lach

    Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has written a big check to help out his old friend Bob McDonnell. As in former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R), former Romney endorsement-giver Bob McDonnell, and currently indicted on multiple federal charges…
  • Sotomayor Attacks John Roberts' Views On Race As 'Out Of Touch With Reality'

    22 April 2014, 2:05 pm by: Sahil Kapur

    A significant portion of Justice Sonia Sotomayor's scathing dissent in the Supreme Court's decision upholding Michigan's affirmative action ban was dedicated to taking on Chief Justice John Roberts' views on race in America. Read More →
  • Sotomayor Delivers Scathing Dissent Against Supreme Court Over Affirmative Action Ban

    22 April 2014, 1:29 pm by: Sahil Kapur

    Justice Sonia Sotomayor mounted a fierce dissent against the Supreme Court's ruling Tuesday upholding the affirmative action ban adopted by Michigan's voters. Read More →
  • Must Read

    22 April 2014, 1:10 pm by: Josh Marshall

    You've probably read about that Princeton University study that said that America transforming from a democracy into an oligarchy as politicians have become responsive only to the very wealthy. We talked to the scholar behind the study and here he explains…

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