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  • Travel Ban 3.0 Could Work

    1h By Elie Mystal
    This piece was originally published in Above the Law.
  • A Note to Our Commenters

    2h By Slate Staff
    A redesign of Slate’s article pages is underway, and starting today—with this article—you’ll be able to comment on articles that are published in the new layout. Please use the comment thread on this page to ask questions about our plans and to share…
  • The Heritage Foundation’s Terrible Timing

    2h By Barry Friedman
    On Sept. 18, the conservative Heritage Foundation issued a report, “Policing in America: Lessons from the Past, Opportunities for the Future.” Its timing could not have been more awkward: Heritage calls concerns about racism in policing a “false…
  • The Audio Book Club Converses With Friends

    2h By Laura Bennett
    Listen to this episode using the audio player below:
  • Thank You for Your Service, Whoever You Are

    3h By Amy Schafer
    On Sunday, dozens of NFL players took a knee and locked arms during the national anthem, a silent but powerful peaceful protest of the criminal justice system in the United States, as well as a rebuke of President Donald Trump’s crude comments and…
  • Particle Beauty

    3h By Robby Berman
    This video, named “This Land of Mine,” actually shows acrylic paint flowing on paper. But you'll swear you're looking at the cosmos.
  • How Fandom Is Helping Mold the Future

    4h By Kevin Bankston
    Science fiction often predicts—or inspires—the future. Similarly, the field of tech policy is built on predictions about new technologies’ impacts on society. Perhaps nowhere is the overlap between those two fields and its practitioners clearer (or more…
  • Going to Jupiter With Wyclef

    12:00pm By Shirley Chan
    Grammy award–winning rapper and producer Wyclef Jean joins Slate’s virtual reality talk show Conundrums to discuss his new album Carnival III.
  • What’s Behind Dan Rather’s Wild Popularity?

    11:34am By Dahlia Lithwick
    Dan Rather was the folksy face of CBS Evening News for 24 years famous for his arresting turns of phrase and affability. He left the network in 2006 in the wake of a dispute over reporting on George W. Bush’s National Guard service. More than 10 years later,…
  • Trumpcast Live From the Texas Tribune Festival

    9:25am By Jamelle Bouie
    To listen to this episode of Trumpcast, use the player below: