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  • Goodell’s Long Fall

    Thu 7:42pm By Jack Hamilton
    In February of 2011, Sports Illustrated ran a lengthy cover story on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell penned by Peter King, arguably the most prominent football writer in America. Released on the eve of an impending lockout, the profile was widely derided as a…
  • Flushing Fiasco

    Thu 6:45pm By John Culhane
    If there’s one takeaway from the recently concluded first round of the U.S. Open, it’s this: There’s a huge gulf between the very top players and everyone else, and that disparity is doing real damage to the sport.
  • Why the RNC’s Loyalty Pledge Was a Huge Mistake

    Thu 6:00pm By Jamelle Bouie
    Another day brings another poll with Donald Trump in the lead. According to a new Monmouth University poll of Republicans nationwide released Thursday, the real estate mogul leads the pack with 30 percent of the vote. His next closest competitor, retired…
  • How Trump Outsmarted the GOP

    Thu 4:57pm By Jim Newell
    Donald Trump made Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, come to him.
  • The You Get a Trophy Just for Listening Bonus Segment

    Thu 3:48pm By Stefan Fatsis
    This podcast extra is free to all readers to preview our membership program, Slate Plus. Visit to learn more.
  • DoubleX Gabfest: The Fat Pigs, Slobs, and Disgusting Animals Edition

    Thu 3:46pm By Noreen Malone
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  • What Would It Take for Bernie to Win?

    Thu 3:06pm By Jamelle Bouie
    More and more, to his fans and supporters, it looks like Bernie Sanders can win.
  • Rethinking “1 in 5”

    Thu 2:31pm By Jake New
    This post originally appeared on Inside Higher Ed.
  • How I Won the Pitch Slam

    Thu 1:21pm By Diana Martinez
    A month ago, we invited Slate Plus members to pitch us stories for Slate. We thought our members would have some great ideas, and we weren’t disappointed. Our editors gave several of your pitches the thumbs-up, and the first to make it into the magazine was…
  • The Garbage Islands

    Thu 12:48pm By Robby Berman
    Before what appears to be part of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 floated ashore on Réunion this summer, more than a year of false reports pointed to another issue: the mysterious flow of refuse and debris in the oceans. Month after month, another piece of…