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  • Kyrie Irving Is a Mad Genius

    6:31pm By Nick Greene
    Kyrie Irving is a man of remarkable talent. His handles are nonpareil and his ability to finish at the rim around, amongst, under, and betwixt defenders is breathtaking in the most literal sense—you gasp and hold the oxygen inside your lungs until you see…
  • The Deregulation Invasion

    6:00am By Josh King
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  • The Fake Loans Edition

    2:02am By Felix Salmon
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  • The Nicest Thing You Can Say About Sean Spicer Is That He Was a Bad Liar

    Fri 10:58pm By Will Oremus
    Shakespeare’s Marc Antony posited that people are remembered for their evil acts, while the good ones are forgotten. In American public life, it is sometimes the opposite: We see their flaws while they’re in power, their virtues only in retrospect.
  • Lies, Pardons, and Bringing Trump to Heel

    Fri 7:03pm By Virginia Heffernan
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  • Criminal Pardon

    Fri 6:20pm By Jeremy Stahl
    The Washington Post reported on Thursday that President Donald Trump has been asking advisers about his power to pardon aides, family members, and even himself. It’s fair to say that such efforts by the president would lead to a full-scale constitutional…
  • The Angle: More Trump Than Trump Edition

    Fri 5:59pm By Rebecca Onion
    Mini-me: New White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci is super Trumpy, Daniel Gross writes. The guy even has his own crappy Midtown restaurant and sketchy international business deals.
  • A Tennessee Jail Is Offering Vasectomies for Reduced Prison Time

    Fri 5:56pm By Nick Thieme
    A horrifying report bubbled up from Sparta, Tennessee, this week: A standing order by Judge Sam Benningfield of White County will allow the White County jail to offer to remove 30 days of jail time from inmates’ sentences as long as they undergo voluntary…
  • Al Gore, Ever Hopeful

    Fri 5:19pm By Mike Pesca
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  • Why Exactly Does Putin Hate the Magnitsky Act?

    Fri 5:19pm By Jacob Weisberg
    On a recent episode of Trumpcast, Bill Browder joined Jacob Weisberg to discuss the Magnitsky Act—the supposed reason why Donald Trump Jr. met with a group of Russians during the campaign. Browder, author of Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance, Murder,…