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  • The Angle: Mean Doesn’t Win Edition 

    2h By Rebecca Onion
    If Donald Trump thinks he can just throw bile into the world and get approbation back, recent polls showing most Americans continue to hold negative views of the candidate prove him wrong, Jamelle Bouie writes. “Over the past year,…
  • Trump’s Strategy Is Backfiring

    3:52pm By Jamelle Bouie
    Donald Trump doesn’t believe in bad publicity. It’s why, over the past week, he’s worked to dominate the general election’s news cycle the same way he dominated the Republican primary’s: through attacks and controversy. He has succeeded in yet again…
  • Truly, Madly, Crazily

    2:00pm By Gabriel Roth
    Yo Plus! Crazy week. Let’s get right to it.
  • Andrew Solomon on His New Collection of Essays, Far and Away

    1:36pm By Michael A. Kowaleski
    Listen to Episode No. 101 of Live at Politics & Prose:
  • The Dark Future of Whitewashing

    12:58pm By Reihan Salam
    Over at ye olde New York Times, Slate alumna Amanda Hess has a new article on the insane difficulties Asian Americans face in trying to score leading roles in film and television. Constance Wu, star of the hit ABC sitcom Fresh Off the Boat, has been…
  • Scenes of Italy

    12:47pm By Madeline Raynor
    If you don’t have plans for a luxurious Italian vacation anytime soon, this hypnotizing GoPro video of Italy from above is the next best thing. Take in the incredible range of vistas, from snowy mountains to blue-green lakes to ancient castles by the sea.…
  • Silicon Valley Needs a Valleywag

    11:31am By Will Oremus
    Peter Thiel, the billionaire venture capitalist and Facebook board member who co-founded PayPal and Palantir, has plenty of reasons to hate Gawker Media, the company he’s now trying to sue into oblivion by proxy. So do a lot of his peers in the technology…
  • Roots

    10:56am By Willa Paskin
    The miniseries Roots originally aired for eight consecutive nights in 1977 because executives at ABC were convinced the chronicle of an enslaved black American family would flop, and they wanted to burn through it as quickly as possible. Instead, Roots, based…
  • Zika’s Getting All of the Attention. It Shouldn’t.

    10:55am By Donna A. Patterson
    We did not beat Ebola.
  • Getting It Right: The Schlub

    10:07am By Simon Doonan
    This post is part of Getting It Right, a field guide to the five tribes of modern men's fashion.