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  • Dear Prudence: The “Hardly Working” Edition

    57m By Mallory Ortberg
    First, an endorsement for more men to have rivalries over jewelry-giving. Then, Prudence is joined by writer Ashley C. Ford to answer your work questions: My work suffered because I have depression, and my bosses noticed—should I be open with them about what…
  • Against Retweeting Trump’s Old Tweets

    2h By Katy Waldman
    Twitter has become an excavation site for archeologists specializing in Trump. They dig up the president’s bygone tweets for exhibition in a gallery of hypocrisies. The gallery is boring and depressing. It goes on forever. Most recently, it has featured…
  • Unstrategic Impatience

    Tue 6:46pm By Fred Kaplan
    North Korea is a knotty problem, but there’s no cause for the hysteria that President Trump and his aides have been pumping up in recent days, and it’s time to turn down the heat and the noise, before someone gets hurt.
  • The Clinton Campaign Tell-All

    Tue 6:16pm By Mike Pesca
    Listen to Episode 729 of Slate’s The Gist:
  • Sex and Hate in the Mountain State

    Tue 6:05pm By Mark Joseph Stern
    On April 5, 2015, Zackary Johnson and Casey Williams, a gay couple, shared a brief kiss while walking along the sidewalk in Huntington, West Virginia. A man in a nearby car suddenly began yelling homophobic insults at them before exiting his vehicle and…
  • The Angle: Insecurity in Chief Edition

    Tue 5:45pm By Rebecca Onion
    Uncertain to the core: Donald Trump's governing trait is his insecurity, Jamelle Bouie argues. It pushes him to prattle on repetitively about his own “accomplishments” and make dubious choices that put us all in peril.
  • How Does a Neurosurgeon Work?

    Tue 2:24pm By Jacob Brogan
    This season on Working, we took a trip to Baltimore to chat with some of the city’s residents about how they make a living there. We’re hoping to learn a little about the ways Baltimore shapes their work—and the ways they’re shaping Baltimore by working.
  • James Comey’s Real Problem

    Tue 2:04pm By William Saletan
    Why did FBI Director James Comey issue a last-minute letter about Hillary Clinton’s emails that may have tipped the outcome of the 2016 election? Why did he rebuke Clinton earlier that summer, breaking with FBI protocol? Why did he speak publicly about the…
  • You Belong With Me

    Tue 9:00am By Mallory Ortberg
    Mallory Ortberg, aka Dear Prudence, is online weekly to chat live with readers. An edited transcript of the chat is below. (Sign up below to get Dear Prudence delivered to your inbox each week. Read Prudie’s Slate columns here. Send questions to Prudence at…
  • What Synthetic Biology Has in Common With Queer Theory

    Tue 7:15am By Sophia Roosth
    In laboratories around the world, brave new organisms are lustily brewing in warm liquid media. These microbes are invisible to the naked eye, but even under a microscope they seem unremarkable—a cell, nothing more. Look closer. Here’s a bacterium whose…