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  • Somali Refugees Are Not a Threat

    Sat 4:42pm By Will Oremus
    We still don’t know exactly what motivated the Ohio State student who wounded 11 people with his car and a knife on Monday, before a campus police officer shot and killed him. We know that the student, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, was a Somali refugee, and that he…
  • Textbook  

    Sat 7:29am By Madeline Raynor
    When director Victoria Mapplebeck found an old Nokia phone in her house, its archived calls and texts brought back memories of one exchange in particular.
  • The Munchkin Edition

    Sat 2:01am By Cathy O'Neil
    Listen to Episode No. 134 of Slate Money:
  • The President-Elect Is a Roman Emperor

    Fri 8:03pm By Katy Waldman
    At his first “thank you” rally in Cincinnati on Thursday, President-elect Donald Trump raced through some anemic calls for unity before mocking ABC’s Martha Raddatz for weeping on election night. “How about when a major anchor who hosted a debate…
  • The Chaos Doctrine

    Fri 6:44pm By Mike Pesca
    Listen to Episode 632 of Slate’s The Gist:
  • The Angle: Strong Cheese Edition

    Fri 6:06pm By Rebecca Onion
    Insiders and outsiders: Will Saletan watched Donald Trump’s Ohio rally Thursday night in consternation. The PEOTUS might have pandered to the left in his appearance at the New York Times last week, but his performance in Cincinnati proves that what he most…
  • Small Victories

    Fri 5:45pm By Gabriel Roth
    Finally, a victory for democracy in 2016!
  • When to Rename a Building, and Why

    Fri 5:35pm By Rebecca Onion
    On Friday, a Committee to Establish Principles on Renaming, convened earlier this semester at Yale University, issued its final report. This group was not charged with deciding whether or not to rename Calhoun College, the residential unit christened in 1933…
  • So We’re Still Blaming Jill Stein and James Comey, Huh?

    Fri 5:33pm By Jim Newell
    Three and a half weeks later, Democrats are still in the business of blaming people who are not Democrats for Hillary Clinton losing a presidential election to television’s Donald Trump. No, I don’t mean that we should’ve expected them to have stopped…
  • Donald Trump’s Locker Room

    Fri 4:49pm By William Saletan
    On Thursday night, speaking to an arena full of supporters in Cincinnati, Donald Trump delivered a tirade against his putative domestic enemies. The bitterness, gloating, and contempt in his remarks eclipsed anything spoken by previous presidents-elect.…