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  • Heads of Slate

    Since it launched 20 years ago, Slate has been helmed by four editors-in-chief: Michael Kinsley, Jacob Weisberg, David Plotz, and Julia Turner. They gathered in Slate’s Washington, D.C., studio on Sept. 15 for a look at the magazine’s history, moderated by…
  • How to Beat Trump in a Debate

    Sun 5:03pm By Jim Newell
    Successfully debating Donald Trump is the hardest thing that should be an easy thing in our world today, right up there with beating Donald Trump in an election with adult voters. In debate after debate after debate during the Republican primaries, Trump…
  • José Fernández Was the Future of Baseball

    Sun 2:28pm By Josh Levin
    José Fernández, the 24-year-old Miami Marlins pitcher who died this weekend in a boating accident off the coast of Florida, was imprisoned in Cuba as a teenager for trying to escape the island. He finally managed to defect at age 15, but only after saving…
  • Is Your Favorite World Oddity Wondrous Enough for Atlas Obscura?

    Sat 9:05am By Mike Pesca
    Listen to Episode 584 of Slate’s The Gist:
  • The Angle: Up Late Stressed Edition

    Fri 5:59pm By Rebecca Onion
    You're not alone: Michelle Goldberg spoke to several therapists who report that their patients are feeling anxious, stressed, and upset by the presidential election. Descendents of Holocaust survivors; people of color; women who have had relationships with…
  • Rock ’n’ Roll, and Also Crosswords

    Fri 4:45pm By Gabriel Roth
    Whoa, lots of Slate to tell you about.
  • The Guts of Southern Louisiana

    Fri 3:00pm By Ann Glaviano
    After Katrina, my dad says, people helped in the ways they knew how. The poets wrote poetry, the musicians played music, the preachers preached, the politicians made speeches. It makes sense, he says. People contributed what they felt they could best offer.…
  • Why Do the Green Bay Packers’ Opponents Stay at a Radisson in Appleton?

    Fri 2:03pm By Bécquer Seguín
    On the morning of the 1965 NFL Championship Game, fans, players, and everyone else north of Madison, Wisconsin, woke up to what they thought was a light winter snowfall. By noon, three inches blanketed the tarpaulin over Green Bay’s Lambeau Field, making the…
  • Get Out of Jail Free?

    Fri 2:00pm By Abhi Kole
    The patient was a quiet man in his late 40s, laying still and minimally responsive to questions. His bloodwork showed severe dehydration. This was a man who could not answer where he was, when it was, or who he was. He was most likely dehydrated because he did…
  • Standing Tall

    Fri 1:30pm By Kristen A. Carpenter
    What sparks and sustains a movement? For more than a month, members of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and thousands of allies have gathered in camps along the Missouri River in Cannon Ball, North Dakota. They are protesting the $3.8 billion Dakota Access…