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  • My Patients Need Medicaid

    34m By Prajwal Ciryam
    Last year, I admitted a middle-aged patient I’ll call Joe to Columbia University Medical Center. Joe, who was brought in by a neighbor, was profoundly confused and had missed dialysis. We thought the build-up of toxins were clouding Joe’s mind. But…
  • The Angle: Another Day, Another Health Care Bill

    41m By Chau Tu
    Not much better: Senate Republicans finally unveiled their Obamacare replacement bill today, and no, the Better Care Reconciliation Act is not much better than the House’s American Health Care Act. The Slatest covers the major takeaways, including the…
  • Supreme Court Breakfast Table

    45m By Pamela S. Karlan
    Maslenjak v. United States is only the latest example of something that crops up every term or so: a case in which the solicitor general’s office gets slapped down over a case (or an argument) the United States never should’ve made in the first place. The…
  • We Know How This Ends

    48m By Jim Newell
    To walk into the Senate side of the U.S. Capitol on Thursday morning was less to enter an ongoing, real-life debate of mysterious outcome than to assume your role in a hackneyed script.
  • Scaachi Koul on Surviving the Trolls

    1h By Mike Pesca
    Listen to Episode 770 of Slate’s The Gist:
  • How to Build a New Republican Coalition

    2h By Reihan Salam
    The Republican coalition is changing. First, the GOP is in danger of losing college-educated suburbanites who voted only reluctantly for Donald Trump in 2016, or who split their tickets by voting against Trump while voting for GOP congressional candidates. The…
  • Arizona Already Tried What the GOP Wants to Do to Medicaid. It Was a Disaster.

    3h By Nisarg A. Patel
    Swollen, throbbing, and pale purple, Beatrice’s left leg looked less like a limb and more like an oversized, striated eggplant.* But her breathing—or lack thereof—is what caught my attention first.
  • The “Lump of Coal” Edition

    3h By Emily Bazelon
    To listen to the discussion, use the player below:
  • GLOW

    3h By Aisha Harris
    In 1986, a new show premiered that was unlike any ever seen on TV. Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, or GLOW for short, was a glorious, bizarre product of its time, taking all of the camp, melodrama, and fantasy of the male-dominated wrestling scene and turning it…
  • Snowflake, Loser, and Other Political Jabs

    4:00pm By Christina Cauterucci
    In the Slate Plus bonus segment of Wednesday’s edition of the Culture Gabfest, Christina, Stephen, and June discuss the political insult du jour, snowflake. The right loves to deride the left for being precious, overly sensitive, feathery ice crystals—but…