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  • Boyhood

    2h By Rebecca Onion
    Writing in 1897, Ida Farr Nelson remembered the last decade of family life in rural Goshen, New Hampshire, with happiness. Her sons Elmer, Arthur, and Walter, who were close in age and great friends, had been a joy to her, and her younger son Ernest was “the…
  • Soccer Superpower

    Wed 9:53pm By Stefan Fatsis
    On July 4, 1988, at a hotel in a suburb of Zurich, the executive committee of soccer’s governing body, FIFA, awarded the right to host the World Cup to the United States. The country was a fútbol backwater. Its last pro league—the one that had imported…
  • Living in the Post-Material World

    Wed 8:37pm By Mike Pesca
    Listen to Episode 265 of Slate’s The Gist:
  • The Big Show

    Wed 7:47pm By John Dickerson
    In 1996, Alan Keyes, who sought the Republican presidential nomination, was barred from participating in a primary debate held by a South Carolina business council. So were Sen. Dick Lugar, Rep. Robert K. Dornan, and Morry Taylor, because all of them were…
  • Balancing Act

    Wed 7:22pm By Jamelle Bouie
    There’s no question that, after almost eight years of President Obama, the Democratic Party is more liberal than it’s been in a generation. Today’s Democrats support same-sex marriage and marijuana legalization, favor universal health care, endorse…
  • A Daughter’s Choice

    Wed 5:18pm By Emily Yoffe
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  • Dear Prudence Live Chat

    Wed 5:11pm By Emily Yoffe
    Need help getting along with partners, relatives, co-workers, and people in general? Ask Dear Prudence! Emily Yoffe takes your questions on manners, morals, and more. Please keep your questions succinct (recommended max. length is around 150 words). Submit…
  • Georgia Justice

    Wed 3:07pm By Mark Joseph Stern
    The prosecutors seeking to send Timothy Tyrone Foster to death row went about their job in a curious manner. During jury selection, they highlighted each black prospective juror’s name in green—on four different copies of the jury list—and wrote that the…
  • Groom With Cold Feet

    Wed 2:55pm By Emily Yoffe
    In this week’s video, Prudie counsels a woman whose fiancé is starting to balk at marriage with the wedding only months away.
  • Ignore the Tech Skeptics

    Wed 2:43pm By David Auerbach
    We’re living in a technology malaise.