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  • Should We Fear Domestic Terrorism?

    Wed 6:30pm By Mike Pesca
    Listen to Episode 432 of Slate’s The Gist:
  • Hard Choices

    Wed 4:51pm By Michelle Goldberg
    It was easier to write about Hillary Clinton when I hated her.
  • Is Donald Trump a Fascist?

    Wed 3:50pm By Isaac Chotiner
    Donald Trump’s overwhelming victory in Tuesday night’s New Hampshire primary makes him, according to both betting markets and many analysts, the favorite to win the Republican nomination. Trump has been written off as an entertainer and circus clown, but…
  • Marco Rubio Shouldn’t Blame Chris Christie for His New Hampshire Drubbing

    Wed 3:41pm By Jim Newell
    Gov. Chris Christie, in his only significant contribution to the 2016 presidential race, thumped Sen. Marco Rubio in New Hampshire and significantly complicated his supposed glide path to the nomination. I personally consider this hilarious, but others…
  • Lost Cause

    Wed 3:22pm By Mallory Ortberg
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  • The GOP Establishment Will Not Find Salvation in South Carolina

    Wed 3:21pm By William Saletan
    A week ago, the Republican establishment thought it had found a savior. Sen. Marco Rubio, fresh from his third-place finish in Iowa, had momentum and was doing well in general-election polls. Mainstream Republicans were ready to coalesce behind him. The…
  • “Formation” Exploits New Orleans’ Trauma

    Wed 2:22pm By Shantrelle Lewis
    Since the day I first stepped foot on the campus of Howard University in 1996, I’ve repped the city from whence I came. I do so even more now, because I would hate for anyone to ever forget what happened during that hellish August morning in 2005 when…
  • The Supreme Court Can’t Save Coal

    Wed 1:40pm By Daniel Gross
    The Supreme Court appears to have dealt a blow to President Obama’s plan to make America’s power supply cleaner. While not ruling on it outright, the court issued a temporary stay on the implementation of the standards, which would have pushed utilities to…
  • Can You Guess What Cosmo Named These Sex Positions?

    Wed 12:33pm By Chris Kirk
    Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and couples are scrambling for ways to spice up their sex lives. For new moves, whether achievable or anatomically fantastical, there’s no greater authority than Cosmopolitan. What’s most remarkable about the…
  • The Angle: Extreme Primary Edition 

    Wed 12:22pm By Rebecca Onion
    Hello! Welcome back to The Newsletter Once Known as “Today in Slate.” In its new form, The Angle will share the most interesting ideas about the news each day, highlighting thought-provoking pieces from Slate as well as other fascinating stories from…