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  • “Sanity is prevailing”: House will vote on clean DHS funding bill without immigration…

    3 March 2015, 10:02 am

    Vote could come as early as today
  • This ad could cost Scott Walker the Iowa caucuses – and much more

    3 March 2015, 10:02 am

    Seeking women’s votes in 2014, Walker claimed his abortion laws “left the final decision to a woman and her doctor"
  • Climate-denying researcher slams critics with help from climate-denying Heartland Institute

    3 March 2015, 10:02 am

    Wei-Hock Soon failed to disclose most of the $1.2 million in funding he received from the fossil fuel industry
  • Cleveland mayor apologizes for claiming Tamir Rice was responsible for his own death

    3 March 2015, 9:46 am

    The city blamed Rice's death on "the failure of Plaintiff's decedent to exercise due care to avoid injury"
  • Jon Stewart kicking a wrestler between the legs is a thing that actually happened last night

    3 March 2015, 9:46 am

    We doubted he'd show up for "Raw" but Stewart didn't disappoint
  • Jon Stewart slams Congressional gridlock: “It turns out no one can work with the Republican…

    3 March 2015, 9:31 am

    "Where is the turd clogging our legislative plumbing? They're called House Republicans"
  • “I was a d*ck”: Bob Odenkirk on struggling at “SNL,” blowing off David Cross and his career…

    3 March 2015, 9:31 am

    The "Better Call Saul" star went on Michael Ian Black's new podcast "How to be Amazing" to discuss his process
  • Aubrey Plaza gave Aziz Ansari a stomach-churning “Parks & Rec” going away gift

    3 March 2015, 9:00 am

    Think: blood and hair
  • Chris Christie tumbling: Approval rating falls to new low

    3 March 2015, 9:00 am

    More bad news for the embattled governor
  • Netanyahu’s war must be stopped now: The real story behind his speech to Congress

    3 March 2015, 8:44 am

    While the media covers politics and personalities, a much more dangerous game around Iran unfolds off-stage
  • GOP’s “incompetence” problem: Why its shutdown drama is small part of huge problem

    3 March 2015, 8:44 am

    Republicans want to change the rules until they're winning. Here's why their flailing could have huge consequences
  • Hillary’s “transparency” hypocrisy: Promoting open government — while using private email…

    3 March 2015, 8:44 am

    As secretary of state, Clinton talked a good game about transparency, but she deliberately undermined it
  • Scott Walker’s spineless flip-flop: Why he’s proudly declaring, “My view has changed”

    3 March 2015, 7:42 am

    2016 contender's self-flagellating rightward shift on immigration says everything about today's GOP -- and America
  • America’s student loan boycott: How 15 students took on the government — and just may win

    3 March 2015, 7:42 am

    Saddled with predatory loans, students are striking and confronting Arne Duncan. Here's what it means for all of us
  • The left’s historic power win: How the long-fought “net neutrality” triumph transformed…

    3 March 2015, 6:40 am

    The quest to win a fair Internet altered elections and protected prized freedoms. Here's how we beat big business
  • 5 signs Cuba is very much open to Americans

    3 March 2015, 4:52 am

    Talks between Havana and Washington are slow going, but the island nation is emerging from its '50s time capsule
  • Why conservatives refuse to believe Obama is Christian

    3 March 2015, 4:36 am

    Scott Walker is the latest Republican to question the president's faith, and he's not just speaking to the fringe
  • 10 ways America can stop terrorizing its citizens (and the rest of the world)

    3 March 2015, 4:21 am

    We refuse to think of ourselves as barbaric, and yet our War on Terror is exactly that. It's time we put it to rest
  • One nation without God: Why a post-religious America is upon us

    3 March 2015, 4:05 am

    The yoke of fundamentalism is loosening. New data reveal Americans are turning away from religion in record numbers
  • Inside the pope’s bedroom, Vatican secrecy and the lives of married priests: My 11-year quest to…

    2 March 2015, 11:11 pm

    In the decade I spent researching the Vatican for my latest book, some mysteries nearly eluded me

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