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  • Some More News: Ben Shapiro's 3rd Grade Book Reports on Fascism

    1:40pm By Charles Johnson
    Hi. Fascism has been on our minds lately and it looks like it's been on Ben Shapiro's as well. But, in looking through Shapiro's writing, he seems pretty confused about what fascism is, who is promoting it, when he doesn't like it, and when he totally does.…
  • Just the Two of Us - Marcin and Ichika Nito

    Tue 11:42pm By Charles Johnson
    Best way to meet for sake? Marcin & Ichika played on signature guitars, produced by Marcin. Ichika Nito: Marcin (Tabs, Merch, Patreon, Socials): Business inquiries and booking: Many thanks to Ibanez for…
  • The Bob Cesca Podcast: The Twitter Files

    Tue 6:39pm By Charles Johnson
    Today's program from our podcasting affiliate, The Bob Cesca Show: The Twitter Files -- [Explicit Language] Bob is finally on Post. Georgia runoff day. Herschel doesn't know he's running for Senate. Our comprehensive coverage of Elon Musk's Twitter files as…
  • Jury Reaches GUILTY Verdicts in Trump Organization Tax Fraud Trial

    Tue 3:56pm By Charles Johnson
    That's right. Totally guilty. Which, actually, was always obvious. The Trump org is going down. Bigly. — Charles Johnson (@Green_Footballs) December 6, 2022
  • Tuesday Jazz/Funk: Mark Lettieri, "Duster" (Feat. Jason "JT" Thomas & Wes Stephenson)

    Tue 2:34pm By Charles Johnson
    Mark Lettieri - Duster (feat. Jason "JT" Thomas & Wes Stephenson) [Live Performance Video From Mark Lettieri's 'Fly Through It' EP (GroundUP Music, November 2022) Buy/Stream: Recorded live at January Sound Studios, Farmers Branch, TX on Dec. 2, 2021.…
  • New From Seth Meyers: Trump Calls for Constitution to Be Terminated After "Twitter Files" Dud

    Mon 9:06pm By Charles Johnson
    Seth takes a closer look at the Republican Party finally coming out in full force to condemn Donald Trump after he called for the Constitution to be "terminated" after expressing support for the January 6 insurrectionists.
  • Video: A Timeline of Elon's Twitter Mistakes

    Mon 1:44pm By Charles Johnson
    What happens when a spite-driven billionaire decides to play with a giant social media site like a spoiled toddler on crack.
  • A Celebration: Natalia Lafourcade, "Muerte" (Lyric Video)

    Sun 5:23pm By Charles Johnson
    Escucha Muerte de Natalia Lafourcade en tu plataforma favorita › Ve más videos de Natalia Lafourcade Dale me gusta 👍 y suscríbete a su canal 🔔 Sigue a Natalia Lafourcade › TikTok: › Instagram: ›…
  • Nate Smith + KINFOLK + STRINGS - Jazz Night in America (Full Concert)

    Sun 1:49pm By Charles Johnson
    "When I'm playing snare, bass drum, cymbals, I hear orchestral sounds. I hear a universe of sounds," says drummer and composer Nate Smith. Audience members present at Crosstown Arts in Memphis, Tenn. on May 7 were welcomed into a new section of Nate Smith's…
  • A Superb New Horror Short Film: "Penumbra"

    Sat 8:33pm By Charles Johnson
    Watch this one in full screen mode, 4K if ya got it. Subscribe to ALTER on YouTube: When Dori's sister Fae returns from a recovery center, Dori begins to suspect someone is stalking her. But what's coming for them is not of this world. "Penumbra" by…
  • Beautiful Close Harmonies: Jacob Seyer "Celeste"

    Sat 1:46pm By Charles Johnson
    Listen to 'Western Skies' at Spotify - Apple Music - Amazon - Tidal - Deezer Guitar Tabs & 24-Bit Music Downloads at: Complete 'Western Skies' Tab Book YouTube: Facebook: Instagram:…
  • An Eerie Tiny Desk Concert: The A's

    Fri 9:57pm By Charles Johnson
    Bob Boilen | December 1, 2022 It was clear from the outset, those very first harmonies, that this was to be a playful, fun-filled day at the Tiny Desk. For one thing, the two A's, Amelia and Alexandra, are Tiny Desk alums. Amelia Meath made her Tiny Desk…
  • Louis Cole Does the "Dead Inside" Shuffle

    Fri 1:46pm By Charles Johnson
    I'm pretty sure Louis has what medical professionals call "happy feet." Taken from the album 'Quality Over Opinion', out now on Brainfeeder: Subscribe: Song By Louis Cole Video Directed By Louis Cole Video Filmed By Daniel Sunshine…
  • The Bob Cesca Podcast: Donald Puddin' Trump

    Thu 7:49pm By Charles Johnson
    Today's program from our podcasting affiliate, The Bob Cesca Show: Donald Puddin' Trump -- [Explicit Content] House Ways and Means has Trump's tax returns. Finally. David's crush on special prosecutor Jack Smith. Trump thinks Smith has a "soft name." Kanye…
  • Colbert: Stewart Rhodes Convicted of Seditious Conspiracy; Senate Votes to Protect Marriage Equality

    Thu 1:56pm By Charles Johnson
    The founder of the Oath Keepers and several associates were convicted on charges related to planning the Jan 6th insurrection, and the Respect For Marriage Act passed the Senate with bipartisan support. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue
  • And Now... "Cocaine Bear" (Official Trailer)

    Nov 30, 2022, 8:26 pm By Charles Johnson
    Move over Sharknado, and make room for Cocaine Bear. Clearly destined to be the movie of the year. In cinemas soon. Follow us on Twitter at @UniversalIND Cocaine Bear Genre: Thriller Cast: Keri Russell, Margo Martindale, Ray Liotta, Alden Ehrenreich, O’Shea…
  • Some More News: Moral Panics and How to Spot Them

    Nov 30, 2022, 1:34 pm By Charles Johnson
    Hi. In today's episode, we look at the similar patterns followed by nearly all moral panics, whether they're about teenagers eating Tide Pods or nonsense stories about litter boxes in school restrooms. These moral panics may seem silly, but they have very real…
  • Mark Lettieri - "Delicate Day" (Feat. Jason "JT" Thomas & Wes Stephenson)

    Nov 29, 2022, 11:19 pm By Charles Johnson
    Download/Stream: Bandcamp/Lossless: "Delicate Day," from the GroundUP Music release Fly Through It. Recorded live at January Sound Studios, Farmers Branch, TX on Dec. 2, 2021. Mark Lettieri: guitar Jason "JT" Thomas: drums Wes…
  • The Bob Cesca Podcast: Opening Blackgate Prison

    Nov 29, 2022, 5:08 pm By Charles Johnson
    Today's program from our podcasting affiliate, The Bob Cesca Show: Opening Blackgate Prison -- [Explicit Language] Back from the Thanksgiving break. Normal Christmas decorations at the White House. Trump dines with Kanye West and white supremacist Nick Fuentes…
  • Tuesday Stanky Funk: Lettuce, "Get Greasy"

    Nov 29, 2022, 2:54 pm By Charles Johnson
    Funk outfit, Lettuce, makes its first stop in eTown for a performance of "Get Greasy." Full podcast at: LIKE Lettuce on FACEBOOK: FOLLOW Lettuce on TWITTER: @lettucefunk CONNECT to Lettuce INSTAGRAM: VISIT us at…

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