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  • Judicial Watch outs DOJ "Leak then deny" policy to damage Trump

    Sat 9:31am By David Singer
    Remarkable investigative reporting by Judicial Watch demonstrates how leaks from the Department of Justice (DOJ) are made to journalists to damage President Trump, and then are officially denied by the DOJ as having any veracity.…
  • NYC to Repeal Counseling Ban

    Sat 7:30am By Liberty Counsel
    NEW YORK, NY – The New York City Council is seeking to repeal a citywide counseling ban out of concern that the ban would not survive the Supreme Court and would impact similar counseling bans across the United States.
  • CCRKBA: O’Rourke's 'Hell Yes' Candor Bares Democrats' True Intent On Guns

    Fri 7:55pm By CCRKBA
    BELLEVUE, WA – Democrat presidential hopeful Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke’s outburst on gun control during Thursday evening’s presidential debate, and the applause that followed, effectively erased any doubts about the true intent the candidate,…
  • How was my debate performance last night?

    Fri 7:38pm By Dag Barkley
  • Israel and John Bolton’s departure

    Fri 3:43pm By Caroline Glick
    US National Security Advisor John Bolton’s departure from the White House has been the source of considerable concern in Israel. For decades, the veteran diplomat and former UN ambassador has been among the most powerful supporters of a strong US-Israel…
  • CA Prosecutor Ignorant of Recording Law

    Fri 12:18pm By Liberty Counsel
    SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The two-week preliminary criminal hearing continued yesterday in the San Francisco Superior Court with testimony from the lead investigating agent from the California Department of Justice, as Sandra Merritt defends against 15 felony…
  • Agriculture Secretary Restricts Alarmist Announcements

    Fri 11:09am By Dr. Jay Lehr
    Sonny Perdue was well chosen by President Donald Trump to be Agriculture Secretary. As part of Perdue’s efforts to put our agricultural house in order, he has succeeded in filling the upper echelon of the agency with straight shooters. However, below the…
  • Report: Clinton White House Trained thousands of operatives to infiltrate talk shows

    Fri 9:33am By Dag Barkley
  • On Destroying America

    Fri 9:31am By Ray DiLorenzo
    To survive what may be coming, you have to be strong, well anchored, and assured in the midst of craziness and deception everywhere. We are lied to, deceived, and manipulated constantly to believe what isn’t so. Any weakness will declare itself quickly.…
  • Weakening Shale Productivity "VERY Bullish" For Oil Prices

    Fri 9:04am By
    After years of improvements in drilling techniques and impressive “efficiency gains,” there is now evidence that the U.S. shale industry is reaching the end of the road on well productivity.…
  • Another Bite of the Apple?

    Fri 8:18am By Chuck Lehmann
    Can you believe that the feckless Democrats are trying to take another “bite of the apple” of trying to get President Trump out of office?  The Jerrold Nadler-led House Judiciary Committee, which is searching for anything to hang around the neck of…
  • Kelly Craft Steps on the UN Stage as the New U.S. Ambassador

    Thu 5:00pm By Joseph A. Klein, CFP United Nations Columnist
    Kelly Knight Craft, who is replacing Nikki Haley as the United States ambassador to the United Nations, officially presented her credentials to United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres on September 12th. In her remarks to the press afterwards,…
  • Serving Those Who Served US

    Thu 3:47pm By Dr. Robert R. Owens
    After the rollout of President Trump’s Maintaining Systems and Strengthening Integrated Outside Networks Act (MISSION Act) Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie responded to the previously predicted problems on “One story said to ‘expect…
  • CA Judge Denies Gag Order

    Thu 10:55am By Liberty Counsel
    SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Judge Christopher Hite denied a gag order motion to the California attorney general’s office today in the preliminary criminal hearing as Sandra Merritt defends against 15 felony charges brought against her by Attorney General Xavier…
  • Trump To Take Action On LA Homeless Crisis?

    Thu 10:34am By Robert L. Rosebrock
    Well, well, well .... what’s this?  Trump To Take Action On LA Homeless Crisis? ‘Very Large Delegation’ Reportedly In Town For Talks /…
  • The New Moose Express

    Thu 9:11am By Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser
    For my Dear Readers who may not have heard of the Moose Express, it’s the northern equivalent of the famous Pony Express, a top-speed transcontinental delivery service of news between the continent’s east and west coast communities. It had its heyday in…
  • K-12: How Constructivism constructs confusion

    Thu 8:32am By Bruce Deitrick Price
    Constructivism is not just another educational gimmick. It can be used in every class, for every subject, and with students of all ages. It is multifaceted, ubiquitous, and grandiose.…
  • Does CNN--Finally--Need to have its Broadcast License suspended or pulled?

    Thu 7:43am By Sher Zieve
    This will be short and to the point.  As most of us know, since well before the 2016 elections CNN has been broadcasting not only extraordinarily negative news concerning President Donald J. Trump but, stories about him that are intentionally misleading and…
  • The Priests of 9/11

    Wed 7:10pm By News on the Net
    Today, we remember the lives lost in the terror attacks on 9/11.…
  • 9/11 victim’s son blasts Ilhan Omar at Ground Zero memorial service

    Wed 6:42pm By News on the Net
    A man whose mother was a 9/11 victim ripped Rep. Ilhan Omar for describing the terror attacks as “some people did something” during the annual anniversary ceremony at Ground Zero on Wednesday.…
  • Buckets of icy cold reality

    Wed 3:59pm By Paul Driessen
    CNN recently hosted a seven-hour climate bore-athon. That climate cataclysms are real and already devastating our planet was not open to discussion. So host Wolf Blitzer and ten Democrat presidential contenders vied to make the most extravagant claims about…
  • CCRKBA Says Dems 'Just Don't Get it' With Ramped-up Gun Control Push

    Wed 3:50pm By CCRKBA
    BELLEVUE, WA – Congressional Democrats “just don’t get it,” the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today after the House Judiciary Committee moved three gun control bills on party lines, including one to limit magazine capacity…
  • North Carolina Jails Frees Hundreds of Illegal Immigrant Criminals wanted by Feds

    Wed 12:33pm By Judicial Watch
    Weeks after Judicial Watch reported that the sheriff of North Carolina’s biggest county released numerous violent illegal immigrant criminals from custody, new federal stats reveal that the problem is statewide. Nearly 500 offenders with Immigration and…
  • Ongoing Effects of WTC Terror Attack

    Wed 11:22am By Liberty Counsel
    NEW YORK CITY, NY – As America marks the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks that killed 2,997 and injured more than 6,000 people, the ongoing deathly effects of these acts of terrorism continue to take lives.…
  • Resolution to boot your smug Anti-Semitic self from congress

    Wed 11:05am By Dag Barkley