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  • This day in WND history: Hasta la vista, billboard!

    40m By -NO AUTHOR-
    Hasta la vista, billboard! April 28, 2005: Arnold Schwarzenegger was not amused. A controversial billboard promoting Spanish-language television station KRCA in L.A. that placed the city of angels in Mexico was “divisive” and “unnecessary” and should…
  • Be there: Living through Israel's Six Day War

    43m By Jim Fletcher
    Israel’s reunification of Jerusalem, during the Six Day War of 1967, is a seminal moment in modern history. It is also soaked with controversy. As the 50th anniversary approaches in June, it is fascinating to note the interviews, books and documentaries that…
  • Once upon a time, presidents knew what kept America great

    44m By Bill Federer
    James Monroe was born April 28, 1758. Scottish Rev. William Douglas, an early tutor of Thomas Jefferson, taught in the home of James’ father, Col. Spence Monroe. James then attended Campbellton Academy, run by Scottish Rev. Archibald Campbell of Washington…
  • World keeping watch on volatile Kim Jong Un

    1h By Alicia Powe
    WASHINGTON – As the world waited to see if Kim Jong un will conduct another nuclear test, Pyongyang escalated its bellicose rhetoric Thursday by releasing a unnerving video depicting a simulation of rocket attacks on the U.S. Capitol and an American aircraft…
  • Dems adopt new tactic for gun confiscation

    1h By Leo Hohmann
    Democrats have come up with a creative way of selectively confiscating guns from certain residents, and several Second Amendment watchdogs say the strategy could soon be coming to a state near you. A state legislator from Manhattan has introduced a bill that…
  • 2% of counties have more than 1/2 nation's homicides

    1h By Bob Unruh
    In what may seem like a “duh” conclusion, a nonprofit research organization found that more than half of the murders in America take place in only 2 percent of its counties. The study by the Crime Prevention Research Center shows that 54 percent of…
  • Censorship U.

    2h By -NO AUTHOR-
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  • Dr. Jihad's prescription for a Muslim America

    2h By Leo Hohmann
    A Muslim resident of Sioux Falls shocked the state of South Dakota and beyond recently when he posted videos to Facebook warning Christians to “be scared, be terrified” as he brandished five guns and 1,200 rounds of ammunition. Ehab Jaber was questioned by…
  • Federal probe of Fox News expands

    3h By -NO AUTHOR-
    (CNN/Money) The U.S. Justice Department’s investigation of Fox News has widened to include a second law enforcement agency. Financial crimes experts from the United States Postal Inspection Service are now involved, according to four sources connected to the…
  • Teacher accused of calling ag students 'murderers'

    3h By -NO AUTHOR-
    (Associated Press) A Florida teacher stands to lose his job after school officials said he bullied and harassed Future Farmers of America students who are raising livestock to be sold for slaughter. Middle school teacher Thomas Roger Allison Jr., 53, has been…