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  • Searching for the right words

    4h By -NO AUTHOR-
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  • Matthew 11:30

    Sat 10:41pm By Daily Blessing
    For My yoke is easy and My burden is light. Matthew 11:30
  • 8 women held captive by Georgia man rescued

    Sat 9:24pm By -NO AUTHOR-
    (KFOR-TV) A man was indicted Friday after he was accused of holding eight women captive in a luxurious Georgia home. Kenndric Roberts, 33, would allegedly threaten the women with murder and mutilation, according to police. Prosecutors and police say his arrest…
  • California lawmakers propose new workplace laws for illegals

    Sat 9:23pm By -NO AUTHOR-
    (San Francisco Chronicle) Bay Area lawmakers are seeking to add new protections for immigrant workers and proposed new responsibilities for employers in providing access to federal immigration enforcement agents, the latest effort to limit federal action in…
  • Teens lured man, then stabbed, beat, lit him on fire

    Sat 9:22pm By -NO AUTHOR-
    (KPRC-TV) Two teenagers have been charged in the case of a man whose body was found beaten and set on fire last week in east Houston and now disturbing details are being revealed in the case. Courtney Burks, 18, and Shaquan Bennett, 18, are charged with…
  • Drones mapping giant dinosaur footprints from above

    Sat 9:21pm By -NO AUTHOR-
    (Mashable) Along the northwest Australian coast lies a dinosaur highway. With the Indian Ocean eating away at the rock, the red cliffs of the Kimberley have revealed hundreds of prehistoric footprints. Two-legged theropods and big-bodied sauropods, among other…
  • Meet Devin Nunes - man at center of snooping storm

    Sat 8:06pm By -NO AUTHOR-
    You’ve seen Rep. Devin Nunes all over the news lately. The California Republican who chairs the House Intelligence Committee has been on camera revealing that members of the intelligence community “incidentally” collected communications from Trump’s…
  • Stunning testimonial from rape victim whose baby is 'an angel'

    Sat 8:05pm By Bob Unruh
    The argument over whether abortion ends a human life shouldn’t be disputed anymore, with the remarkable surgeries on babies in utero, the graphic details about the unborn revealed by Planned Parenthood’s baby-bodies-for-sale scheme, the clear…
  • Colorado students want to move away from 'neutrality' in speech

    Sat 8:04pm By Bob Unruh
    There have been many disputes in recent years on university campuses over the distribution of student fees to groups that hold religious or conservative views. Christian clubs, for example, have been denied funding because of misinterpretations of the…
  • Iran's kamikaze drones show up in Yemeni civil war

    Sat 8:00pm By -NO AUTHOR-
    Kamikaze drones from Iran are showing up – and doing damage – in the civil war in Yemen, reports Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin. Citing details released by the U.K.-based Conflict Armament Research organization, the Middle East Institute says Houthi…