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  • 2nd robot breaks probing Fukushima's high radiation

    4m By -NO AUTHOR-
    (THE VERGE) — Another robot has died in the depths of one of Fukushima’s nuclear reactors, as attempts to locate and remove melted radioactive fuel continue. This is the second robot in two weeks to meet its end in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant…
  • AP: Trump appointee fired after critical comments

    19m By -NO AUTHOR-
    WASHINGTON (AP) — A senior Trump administration official was fired following criticism in a private speech of President Donald Trump’s policies and his inner circle of advisers. Craig Deare, whom Trump appointed a month ago to head the National Security…
  • Frats under fire for not allowing women, 'non-binaries'

    28m By -NO AUTHOR-
    (THE COLLEGE FIX) — A group at Yale plans to lobby the college administration to impose sanctions against campus fraternities — because they won’t allow women and “non-binary” students to become members. Engender, a group created “to advocate for a…
  • Ex-CIA ops officer: Spy plots against Trump are out of control

    30m By -NO AUTHOR-
    (FOX NEWS) By Bryan Dean Wright Over the past few months, America has lurched from partisan warfare to the cliffs of an existential crisis. Multiple reports show that my former colleagues in the intelligence community have decided that they must leak or…
  • Trump's spiteful crusade against media is traitorous

    31m By -NO AUTHOR-
    (NEW YORK DAILY NEWS) By Linda Stasi The most powerful person in the world might actually be crazy. For sure, he is dangerous. Worse, he’s American. The most powerful person in the world is a pathological liar who has convinced a great swath of this nation…
  • No more government benefits for immigrants

    33m By -NO AUTHOR-
    Re: “White House rejects AP claim of deportation force” I did not miss one immigrant when they all decided to “stay home.” In fact, I thought it was a Godsend. We should have rounded them all up and shipped them back to wherever they came from. I…
  • Do we really want socialized medicine?

    38m By -NO AUTHOR-
    It terrifies me that Saturday, while in Trump’s rally, that Trump referenced the tired line of “repeal and replace” Obamacare. Is that really what our country needs? Do we really want socialized medicine? Other countries all over the world with…
  • No cheap shots at CNN's Jeff Zucker

    41m By -NO AUTHOR-
    Re: “‘Fake news’ CNN: Time to take ’em out” For Larry Klayman to disparage Jeff Zucker as CNN’s “5-foot-6-inch dwarf of a president, Jeff Zucker,” and later again as “little Jeff Zucker,” is goofy nonsense. One’s physical attributes are…
  • Rush on TV: Trump's 3 magic bullets to beat shadow government

    1h By Joe Kovacs
    In a rare television appearance, radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh said there are three “magic” bullets President Donald Trump needs to focus on for him to be a success. Appearing on “Fox News Sunday” with Chris Wallace, Limbaugh said Trump needs to…
  • Hillary in 2020

    3h By WND Comics