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  • Constitutionality of Planned Parenthood Defunding Plans

    6:21am By Canada Free Press
    Radio Host Dave Levine, a host on KMET 1490 AM on Monday, wrote on his blog, “Arkansas is the fourth state to terminate such contracts with the Feds—New Hampshire, Alabama and Louisiana are the others. By this time next year, 30-plus states will have…
  • Boehner is typical of Jackass GOP Leaders

    6:15am By Canada Free Press
    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! This week at a Colorado fundraiser House Speaker John Boehner stunned donors when he referred to Texas Senator Ted Cruz as a “jackass.” During remarks at the event for Congressman Scott Tipton, Boehner said he…
  • Sarah Palin-Donald Trump Interview

    6:10am By Canada Free Press
    Full Video of Sarah Palin - Donald Trump Interview
  • Admiral James Lyons on Iran Nuke Deal [Video]

    6:00am By Canada Free Press
    Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi member Admiral James “Ace” Lyons (Ret.) appeared on The Daily Ledger show on the One America News Network earlier this week to discuss the Iran nuclear deal and its potential disastrous consequences for the United States.…
  • Camp Lone Star – Massey is Protected by State Law

    Fri 8:46pm By Canada Free Press
    There is a presumption in the minds of many people that the federal government has jurisdiction, anywhere. We even see the FBI investigating incidents in foreign, sometime hostile nations. Our purpose here however is to look at the extent, if any, of federal…
  • Kentucky Clerk Appeals to the Supreme Court

    Fri 4:46pm By Canada Free Press
    WASHINGTON, DC - Today Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis asked the Supreme Court to accommodate her religious objections to licensing same-sex marriages while she waits for her appeal to be heard from the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • Judicial Watch Files Amicus Brief Asking Supreme Court

    Fri 3:16pm By Canada Free Press
    WASHINGTON,—Judicial Watch announced today that it filed an amicus curiae brief with the U.S. Supreme Court asking the court to affirm the Three-Judge Court Act, a law requiring three federal judges to be empaneled to hear key federal lawsuits concerning…
  • The Ayatollahs consider the US their chief target

    Fri 2:54pm By Canada Free Press
    Enclosed you’ll find my politically-incorrect columns on the most critical threat to US national security and economic interests: the nuclearized Ayatollahs. They conduct hate-America education system, bankroll global anti-US Islamic terrorism, terrorize all…
  • The Myth of Climate Tipping Points

    Fri 2:21pm By Canada Free Press
    Tipping is fine but “climate tipping points” are nonsense. I’m talking about climate models that have predicted such “points of no return.” You could view them as the terminal (maximum) speed in a free fall, only to come to a sudden stop when you hit…
  • Minnesota Terror suspect granted class-A truck driving license.  Would like to drive school…

    Fri 1:10pm By Canada Free Press
    I don’t even really know what to say about this.  Is it insane? Yes.  Is it further evidence that this country isn’t really interested in dealing with the threat of homegrown radical Islam? Yes. Is it a painfully obvious recipe for disaster? You bet.
  • Hillary: Republicans who want to defund Planned Parenthood are pretty much terrorists

    Fri 12:22pm By Canada Free Press
    Let’s say you’ve been in politics for thirty or forty years.  You’re crooked, corrupt, and mad with power. Your long history of deceit is well documented, but you’ve decided it’s your turn to be President. So, you’re running for the nation’s top…
  • The Children of Illegal Immigrants Are Not Born American Citizens

    Fri 11:38am By Canada Free Press
    Once again, Donald Trump has managed to open up a robust national discussion about an issue that up to this point had been largely ignored by the political class. This time, the discussion is about so-called “birthright citizenship,” the idea that whenever…
  • Our Immigration System Is Not Broken

    Fri 11:36am By Canada Free Press
    Why is it that when African Americans whose families have been in this country for hundreds of years commit crimes they go to jail and when illegal immigrants commit crimes they get released?…
  • Kurds Are Surging – America Is Not

    Fri 11:34am By Canada Free Press
    The Kurds are surging in Iraq again.  Kurdish fighters are successfully attacking both the Islamic state and other terrorist factions in Syria and Iraq; as we saw with the Kurdish capture of many Iraqi villages two days ago.  The recent Kurdish push in Iraq…
  • Major Disaster Requires God, Groceries, Gold, Guns, Garden!

    Fri 10:41am By Canada Free Press
    I’m not certain that some rogue nation will explode an EMP device over the U.S. knocking out all electronics including automobiles, cell phones, air travel, radio and television stations, computers, etc., or that a natural solar storm will accomplish the…
  • Preschoolers Solve LA’s Homeless Veteran Problem

    Fri 10:36am By Canada Free Press
    Fellow Veterans and Friends of Veterans Ronald Reagan famously said:  “The nine most terrify words in the English language are: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”
  • At Last: Britain Signals End Of Solar Subsidies

    Fri 10:20am By Canada Free Press
    David Cameron has ordered ministers to ditch the ‘green crap’ blamed for driving up energy bills and making business uncompetitive, it is claimed. The Prime Minister, who once pledged to lead the ‘greenest government ever’, has publicly promised to…
  • Oh, How the Mighty Megyn Has Fallen

    Fri 9:36am By Canada Free Press
    Most people, including me, know that Megyn Kelly is not only gorgeous, but also smart, sassy, incisive in her interviews, and also genuinely funny. But the interview she conducted Wednesday night, August 26,  with Jorge Ramos was disgraceful––the kind of…
  • Hillary Takes “Responsibility” for Email Abuses

    Fri 7:49am By Canada Free Press
    Now that her presidential campaign is taking on water, a disingenuous former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said this week that she was accepting “responsibility” for illegally using an insecure private Internet server to transmit emails containing…
  • Paying the Media for Pro-U.N. Coverage

    Fri 7:40am By Canada Free Press
    A CNN story blared, “The American stock market has surrendered a stunning $2.1 trillion of value in just the last six days of market chaos.” The ups and downs of the stock market have been seized upon by those leading a global campaign to steal trillions…
  • Thomas More Society Defends David Daleiden: He Uncovers Abortion Industry’s Sale of Fetal Body…

    Fri 7:26am By Canada Free Press
    SAN FRANCISCO —Thomas More Society attorneys are helping to defend David Daleiden, the investigative journalist who produced the Planned Parenthood exposé videos, against civil RICO charges which are pending before the federal district court in San…
  • Obama: Regulators will never approve those massive health premium increases; Regulators: APPROVED

    Fri 7:17am By Canada Free Press
    The argument has been ever-present, where ObamaCare is concerned, that mandating generous benefits while forbidding insurers from considering factors like pre-existing conditions, could only result in one thing: Sky-high, jacked up premiums for everyone.…
  • PAKISTAN: Young Christian Women Trapped into Forced Conversions

    Thu 9:50pm By Canada Free Press
    Sources: International Christian Concern, Christianity Today…
  • Hunger by Government Definition Is “Food Insecure”

    Thu 8:51pm By Canada Free Press
    As liberals complain that people are going hungry and the first lady transforms the school lunch fare to “healthy” offerings nobody seems to like, the federal government is spending plenty on “domestic food assistance to provide food for the hungry and…
  • Ebeneezer Biden: Better at Giving Away Your Money Than His

    Thu 8:48pm By Canada Free Press
  • Planned Parenthood Audit Rejected

    Thu 8:45pm By Canada Free Press
    California State Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez, R-Lake Elsinore, requested an audit of Planned Parenthood. Her request was a response to videos by a pro-life organization using undercover style reporting revealing Planned Parenthood officials discussing…
  • Feminists, Lunacy, And The Southern Belle

    Thu 8:36pm By Canada Free Press
    The recent malicious denigration of Southern sorority girls by radical feminists might appear to have only regional connotations, but it actually has nationwide implications. Excerpts from two journalistic assaults on these young women will illustrate how…
  • Lambert and Stamp a fascinating look behind The Who’s scenes

    Thu 5:00pm By Canada Free Press
    Fans of The Who will want to see Lambert and Stamp, a new documentary by director James D. Cooper that gives us a look at the duo who took a raw and unpolished gem of a rock band and honed it into the legendary musical and cultural force it became.
  • The Invaders: A Parable

    Thu 1:55pm By Canada Free Press
    Pulling into our driveway after a relaxing month-long cruise, my wife Mary yelled, “What the…?” Mexican flags, old cars, discarded beer cans, and trash were all over our property.
  • MSNBC sends Al Sharpton to the graveyard of forgotten shows

    Thu 1:11pm By Canada Free Press
    Whatever else Al Sharpton may be, he’s not an idiot. Sure, he’s a tax cheat, his grip on reality is tenuous, he’s barely literate, and his knowledge of American politics is dwarfed by that of the average two-year-old, but he’s no dummy.  Somehow, he…