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  • Why China Is Really Dictating the Oil Supply Glut

    2h By Canada Free Press
    Ship tracking data from Bloomberg shows that 83 supertankers carrying around 166 million barrels of oil are headed to China, which has stockpiled an impressive 787,000 barrels a day in the first quarter of 2016—the highest stockpiling rate since 2014.
  • Latest World News

    3h By Canada Free Press
    Outrage in Zim as children are forced to make pledge of allegiance An editorial in the private NewsDay today calls the pledge divisive and undemocratic.
  • 2016 America’s Gift To Hillary - The Oval Office!

    4h By Canada Free Press
    America is going to have a Democrat - specifically Hilary Clinton - for its next president. I sincerely hope I’m wrong about this one - but I’m not. What follows is why and embarrassingly devoid of anything close to rocket science. Four years ago the right…
  • Four policy reasons conservatives must choose Trump over Hillary

    9:20am By Canada Free Press
    In the early going, I wanted Scott Walker. I was loved the full package of a governor successfully implementing conservative policies in a blue state, and having shown the toughness it takes to stand firm when public employee unions practically try to tear the…
  • The Campus Hate Crime Hoax Epidemic

    8:15am By Canada Free Press
    A hate crime aimed at black students at Maryland’s Salisbury University has been revealed as just the latest high-profile race-related hoax to hit the groves of academe in the race-obsessed Obama era.…
  • Campus Conservatives and Pro-lifers Fight for Truth

    8:10am By Canada Free Press
    Discrimination against conservatives on campus is a dramatic story being told by Peter Fricke and other great reporters at In many cases, however, pro-lifers at colleges and universities across the country are pushing back. Kristan Hawkins,…
  • President Trump

    7:09am By Canada Free Press
    Donald Trump will be the official Republican presidential nominee. Kudos to Donald Trump because he defied conventional political wisdom and a barrage of negative attacks and he still won. The voice of the people is being heard!
  • Measuring the airborne toxicants urban bicyclists inhale

    7:09am By Canada Free Press
    By switching from four wheels to two, bicyclists help reduce traffic and air pollution — all while getting much-needed exercise. But that health benefit could be costly, due to exposure to potentially harmful compounds in motor vehicle exhaust. In a…
  • Searching for signs of disease in spit

    6:57am By Canada Free Press
    Testing for health conditions usually involves needles, X-rays and other invasive or uncomfortable measures. To make diagnostics less burdensome for patients, scientists are developing alternatives, looking for disease markers in urine — and even spit. Now a…
  • The art — and science — behind treasured Japanese porcelain

    5:01am By Canada Free Press
    Porcelain connoisseurs have prized the traditional Japanese-style ceramics called akae, typically known for Kakiemon-style ware, for centuries. Its paintings feature a vivid red color against a milky white background. Artisans have passed on their techniques…
  • Killing an American Industry: Coal

    Tue 11:30pm By Canada Free Press
    “And Obama has largely destroyed reliable, low-cost, affordable electricity in America.” Robert E. Murray, Chairman of the Murray Energy Corporation…
  • It’s looking like Trump will be the GOP nominee for the White House

    Tue 10:29pm By Canada Free Press
    You mean urge more mob riots, more immigrants, and more of your shady executive orders? Don’t forget a pardon for Hillary
  • Indiana paves the way for the ‘Biff Tannen presidency’

    Tue 9:38pm By Canada Free Press
    A couple of weeks ago it seemed more likely than not that the Indiana primary would be the win that kept Ted Cruz’s campaign alive. Today, it pretty much slayed it. It wasn’t even close.
  • Cop makes adorable kitten his new partner

    Tue 8:09pm By Canada Free Press
    A cop who apparently has a soft spot for cuddly creatures, recently made a tiny kitten his new partner.…
  • The UN World Humanitarian Summit Money Pit

    Tue 6:38pm By Canada Free Press
    The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) is organizing what is being billed as the first ever World Humanitarian Summit, which will take place in Istanbul Turkey on May 23-24 2016. Representatives from UN member states…
  • Real World energy and climate

    Tue 5:35pm By Canada Free Press
    Earth Day 2016 brought extensive consternation about how our Earth will soon become uninhabitable, as mankind’s activities of civilization trigger unstoppable global warming and climate change. President Obama used the occasion to sign the Paris climate…
  • ‘Smart Gun’ Push Proves Obama Wants Gun Control Before Leaving Office!

    Tue 3:51pm By Canada Free Press
    BELLEVUE, WA – Friday’s announcement by President Barack Obama that he will keep pushing for so-called “smart gun” technology during his final year in office is proof that he wants gun control to be a cornerstone of his legacy, the Citizens Committee…
  • ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Airs ‘F-Bomb’ Clip to Mock Film He Didn’t Even See-Morano Responds

    Tue 3:49pm By Canada Free Press
    When critics trash a film, they’ve usually actually seen it – but, not ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel. So, the filmmaker of movie debunking climate hysteria is challenging Kimmel to attend a private screening.
  • Invictus Games:  More military heroes, less publicity hound world leaders needed

    Tue 12:06pm By Canada Free Press
    Before you know it, it will be ‘Karaoke Night in Canada’  rather than the trademark ‘Hockey Night’.…
  • Holocaust Remembrance

    Tue 12:04pm By Canada Free Press
    May 1 is known by some as May Day.  A communist, anti-God celebration of the death of freedom and the rise of the tyranny of socialism.  On May 1, 2016, however, the day also served as Holocaust Remembrance Day.  Cities across the country participated in…
  • The Bundy Affair – #11 – “Violence Begets Non-Violence”

    Tue 12:02pm By Canada Free Press
    It was on April 12, 2014, when mostly unarmed supporters gathered at the Toequap (Toquop) Wash, about 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas, between Exits 112 and 120 on Interstate Highway 15, stood down the federal government with regard to cattle been…
  • After promising to destroy the coal industry, Hillary faces an unemployed coal worker

    Tue 12:00pm By Canada Free Press
    You may recall that, back in March, Hillary Clinton grinned like the Cheshire cat as she described her plan to put “a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.” She promised not to forget about the workers whose livelihoods would be destroyed…
  • The one, big, honkin’ problem with all those polls showing Hillary winning in November

    Tue 10:22am By Canada Free Press
    Rasmussen Reports tends to come up with poll results that are overly favorable to Republicans, so you have to consider when you see the news that a new Rasmussen poll actually has Trump leading Hillary 41-39 in a hypothetical general election matchup that…
  • It is the ethic that promotes intolerance

    Tue 8:20am By Canada Free Press
    In the year 2000, Bernard Lewis in his book What Went Wrong, wrote this about Muslims:  “If they can abandon grievances and victimhood, settle their differences, and join their talents, energies and resources in a common endeavor, then they can once again…
  • Governments in Canada spent more than $25 billion on childcare in 2015

    Tue 7:58am By Canada Free Press
    TORONTO—The federal and provincial governments in Canada spent more than $25 billion on childcare in 2015, with much of the funding targeted at low- and middle-income families, finds a new study released today by the Fraser Institute, an independent,…
  • Bowl Cut Jr. bans weddings and funerals for some reason

    Tue 7:50am By Canada Free Press
    The good news is that there’s no chance your funeral will be coming up any time soon in North Korea! I don’t think that means you can’t be executed, but if you don’t have any life insurance - like, say, 100 percent of the North Korean population - your…
  • Obama’s onerous new rules will hurt both business and workers

    Tue 7:21am By Canada Free Press
    WASHINGTON , D.C.—As his time in office ends, President Obama continues to enact economically harmful and counterproductive policies, mostly through his use of executive power.…
  • Is You Ok, Glenn Beck, “IS YOU?”

    Tue 6:53am By Canada Free Press
    Yo, Glozell Green!  Did Glenn Beck swipe your cheerios bathtub stunt when he plunged his face into a bowl of Cheetos dust to mock the color of Donald Trump’s face on Friday’s radio show?…
  • Go See “Climate Hustle” on May 2nd

    Mon 6:16pm By Canada Free Press
    An outstanding film will be playing Monday night in theaters across the country, but in most places for one night only. It’s called “Climate Hustle,” and it’s about just that: how the federal government, a corrupt media and government-funded…
  • Polls show ‘evil’ Indiana voters are about to give Ted Cruz the heave-ho

    Mon 6:12pm By Canada Free Press
    Ted Cruz has had a rough couple of weeks.  First, the Kasich alliance did him more harm than good. Then he was crushed in the “mini-Super Tuesday.” Then he tried to pretend the Kasich alliance never existed, and THEN he named Carly Fiorina his VP in an…