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  • Around U.S., races for governor going down to the wire

    29 October 2014, 9:57 pm

    From Maine to Alaska, nearly a dozen races for governor remain too close to call as the midterm election moves into its final days, an unusually large number that indicates the problems faced by incumbents in both parties at a time of voter discontent.
  • Hillary Clinton to Iowa voters: 'Dig deep' for Democrat Bruce Braley

    29 October 2014, 5:45 pm

    On her second trip to Iowa since her presidential caucus loss in 2008, Hillary Rodham Clinton got a piece of Iowa swag that could prove useful for her new grandchild -- and for Clinton herself if she runs in 2016: a black and gold University of Iowa sleeper…
  • Few Latinos 'angry' over Obama immigration policy, but support slips

    29 October 2014, 3:38 pm

    Only a small minority of Latino voters report that they are “angry” over President Obama’s decision this year to delay executive action on immigration reform, but disappointment over his deportation policies is widespread, and Democrats have suffered a…
  • Amid new high-tech campaign apps, Democrats in Georgia go old school

    29 October 2014, 12:04 pm

    This midterm election, Georgia Republicans are launching their most sophisticated ground game yet in the state -- with new technology that gives door-knockers instant info on who has voted and who needs a nudge to the polls.
  • Big out-of-state money pours into Missouri judicial race

    29 October 2014, 10:00 am

    The scales of American justice are supposed to be balanced. Judicial candidates' campaign war chests, however, don't have to be.
  • Leader or bully? Ebola response gives Chris Christie new attention

    29 October 2014, 9:05 am

    The threat of Ebola has resurrected the key question on which pivots New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s political future: Is he a strong leader or a bully?
  • Alaska incumbent Sen. Mark Begich avoids even saying 'Obama'

    29 October 2014, 8:00 am

    The simple question is at the top of many minds this grumpy election season, even among the 1,000 or so high school students gathered for a televised debate: "How will you work to reach across partisan lines to accomplish real goals?"
  • 9-million-plus votes cast already; statistics create new field for spin

    28 October 2014, 3:26 pm

    More than 9 million people nationwide already have voted in the midterm elections that will come to a close next Tuesday, and efforts to analyze the early vote trends have opened a whole new field for political spin.
  • Rick Perry seeks Ronald Reagan mantle 50 years after iconic speech

    27 October 2014, 11:20 pm

    Past and potentially future presidential candidate Rick Perry grasped for the mantle of Ronald Reagan on Monday with a scathing denunciation of President Obama that asserted the Democrat was so lacking in competence his tenure would usher in a new season of…
  • Republicans hold lead in tight race for Senate control

    26 October 2014, 12:55 pm

    Republicans hold a narrow, but steady, lead in the contest for control of the Senate, according to polls released Sunday.

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