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Navajo Nation Leader Draws Criticism for Drunken Photo Taken at Las Vegas Casino

  • Dec 6, 2022, 4:27 pm1.1k pts

    Seth Damon, the Speaker of the Navajo Nation, is in danger of facing disciplinary action from the Navajo Nation Council as a result of an offensive photo circulated of him on social media.

    Although this is never a good image, especially for a politician, it is a particularly painful subject for the Nation because it operates four casinos over its 25,000-square-mile reserve in Arizona and New Mexico.

    Because the Navajo Code and the laws of the Diné, which acknowledge four particular constituent aspects, customary law, traditional law, common law, natural law and, prohibit the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the Navajo reservation, alcohol is illegal there.

    Damon was on a personal trip to Las Vegas to watch the Indian Nationals Finals Rodeo after he was seen in a casino appearing intoxicated while slumping over a slot machine. The photos were taken while Damon was in the middle of his trip.

    Damon addressed the controversy on October 27 by stating that the photograph in question was "unauthorized," and that he would be collaborating with the Navajo Nation Council to determine the appropriate course of disciplinary action, if any, to conduct.

    The Navajo Nation Council held a meeting on October 28 to discuss the issue, and later that day, they declared legislation that would put Damon on unpaid suspension beginning November 5. The council is in a position to act on the bill after the period for public comment that lasts for five days has ended.

    Damon runs the risk of losing out on the additional compensation he obtains for his role as speaker, but he would keep the compensation he collects for his role as an appointed council representative.

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