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  • By Tracy Connors Aug 1, 2012, 8:00 pm3.9k pts

    Greetings and welcome to Politomix! Politomix is the newest addition to the MobileInfocenter family. The site has many unique and fantastic features that will make keeping up with the political news of the day easy and enjoyable. 

    The video below will provide you with a quick introduction and guided tour of the wonderfulness that is Politomix.com

    Politomix aims to provide a central one stop location where you can catch up on the day's top political news. The feed updates every 15 minutes and articles are automatically styled and sorted based on their source's respective general political leanings. Blue represents left wing progressive media sources, black for traditional mainstream organizations, and red for right wing conservative sources.

    Points and Ranks
    All articles are analyzed and ranked by various criteria. Each story earns points as it is read, shared and discussed on the site. Users can view each articles point score which is denoted by the number next to the gem icons. When an article reaches a certain number of points, it "levels up" and as it ascends in rank it is awarded various colored gems to highlight its popularity. More details on the ranking system can be found on the about page.

    Articles deemed noteworthy by the system and our editors are highlighted on the top of the homepage with a scrollable ticker, so you can catch the top stories at a glance. In addition, we have a trending articles widget on the top of the sidebar that identifies the most popular trending articles from the past few days.

    Read in Place
    Just like an RSS news reader, Politomix allows you to read articles right on the homepage or article page without leaving the site. Hover your mouse over any article and click to expand the content and view additional sharing options . If the full article is available, it will be displayed and loaded inline on the page.

    Reader Comments and Permalinks
    All articles are archived and have dedicated permalink pages. Users can comment and discuss each article right on the site. Our comment system is powered by Disqus, so it's super quick and easy to get started with your existing Disqus or Facebook account. Click the Discuss or More button from the homepage to jump right into the conversation, or checkout the latest comments via the recent discussions widget on the sidebar.

    Social Sharing
    Easily, Tweet, G+ or share articles on Facebook via the sharing buttons. Just on tap to share your favorite articles on the social network of your choice.

    To get the latest headlines and site updates you can follow us Twitter and Facebook .

    We are also due to release a iPhone and iPad app in the near future. Look for the newsletter signup box on the right column of the homepage to get on our once monthly newsletter and be the first to know when our forthcoming app is released.

    As always we welcome your feedback. Feel free to get in touch via email. Hope you enjoy the mix!


    Ryan Kairer


    Tracy L. Connors