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  • Framing the Warren Commission

    16 September 2014, 12:53 pm by: Noah Gordon

    Can a graphic novel really convey the complexities of America's most controversial assassination and the era that gave birth to it?
  • Grover Norquist and Ralph Nader: A Match Made in ... Somewhere

    16 September 2014, 11:45 am by: Marin Cogan

    It's the new bipartisanship: icons of the fringe left and fringe right coming together in common opposition to the center.
  • Why President Obama Should Ask Permission to Wage War

    16 September 2014, 9:24 am by: Conor Friedersdorf

    U.S. action against ISIS is war by any reasonable definition—and he owes it to today's citizens and the future to follow the Constitution.
  • Will the Supreme Court Let Arizona Fight Gerrymandering?

    15 September 2014, 12:00 pm by: Garrett Epps

    Voters cut their legislature out of the redistricting process. Now legislators want the Supreme Court to deal them back in.
  • Breathing Life Into Allentown: Pennsylvania Comes to the Rescue

    15 September 2014, 10:30 am by: John Tierney

    What does it take to raise a city? More than a village. In fact, it may take a whole state.
  • Don't Worry About the Size of the Government

    15 September 2014, 8:00 am by: Eric Schnurer

    Setting out to shrink the size of agencies at all costs can actually raise them—as Louisiana's child-welfare system found.
  • Angry Letters to the One Member of Congress Who Voted Against the War on Terror

    14 September 2014, 2:45 am by: Conor Friedersdorf

    Barbara Lee was the lone dissenter in the post-9/11 vote authorizing military force. Many called her a traitor. But her constituents shared her concerns—and history has vindicated them.
  • Mr. Death Penalty

    12 September 2014, 8:00 am by: Nora Caplan-Bricker

    Kent Scheidegger is America's most outspoken advocate for capital punishment. What motivates him—and does he have his facts straight?
  • Is It Peacetime or Wartime in America?

    11 September 2014, 7:41 pm by: Uri Friedman

    Obama is losing his battle with perpetual war.
  • American Secessionists Are Rooting for an Independent Scotland

    11 September 2014, 2:00 pm by: Kaveh Waddell

    Vermonters, neo-Confederates, and Pacific Northwesterners all want to leave the union, but they're united by the September 18 vote—an' they a' think it's a braw thing.
  • Can Foreign Policy Help Republicans Take the Senate?

    11 September 2014, 12:25 pm by: Emily Schultheis

    GOP candidates and strategists are scrambling to deploy the president's handling of ISIS as a weapon against his Democratic allies.
  • Not Fighting ISIS Could Be Worse Than Fighting It

    11 September 2014, 11:23 am by: Jeffrey Goldberg

    Why intensifying the campaign against the group is justified
  • A Matter of Life and Death: The Danger of an Out-of-Control State

    11 September 2014, 11:13 am by: Norm Ornstein

    Pushing back on abuses by a small but powerful faction of the criminal-justice system requires a bipartisan coalition.
  • Ladies Justice and Liberty, Lesbians

    11 September 2014, 11:00 am by: Steven Heller

    Ten years ago, illustrator Mirko Ilic combined three visual cliches to create a fresh, enduring emblem for gay marriage.
  • How Serious a Threat Is ISIS?

    11 September 2014, 10:45 am by: Peter Beinart

    U.S. officials say the extremist group could harm the homeland. But does the danger justify another military campaign in the Middle East?
  • Obama's Speech on ISIS, in Plain English

    11 September 2014, 7:50 am by: David Frum

    The president didn't answer the most important questions about his war in Iraq and Syria.
  • Obama Urges War in Iraq Despite Known Lack of WMDs

    11 September 2014, 7:45 am by: Conor Friedersdorf

    The self-contradictory rhetoric of a shape-shifting president—and a case for war that lacks specificity and rigor
  • Before Tonight's Speech About ISIS

    10 September 2014, 7:07 pm by: James Fallows

    When people say "we must act now!" they are usually wrong. When people say "we can't look weak!" it's usually time to discount whatever else they say.
  • Obama's Realization: There's No Way Out of the Middle East

    10 September 2014, 7:03 pm by: Jeffrey Goldberg

    The president has convinced himself that the fight against ISIS is one worth waging. But the obstacles to success are huge.
  • The Midterm Electorate Is Anxious and Unsettled

    10 September 2014, 5:42 pm by: Molly Ball

    A new preoccupation with domestic and international security displaced economic worries at the top of voters' minds in two swing-state focus groups.
  • Obama's Emotional Reaction to ISIS

    10 September 2014, 3:41 pm by: David Frum

    The strategic folly of the president's military campaign in Iraq and Syria
  • Bob McDonnell's Corruption: The Real Scandal Is What's Legal

    10 September 2014, 9:30 am by: Amitai Etzioni

    Why does the system penalize quid pro quo bribery severely but shrug off the malign effects of campaign donations?
  • Elder Statesmen Declare a War on the 'War on Drugs'

    10 September 2014, 9:00 am by: Conor Friedersdorf

    What took them so long?
  • When 'Do Unto Others' Meets Hookup Culture

    10 September 2014, 7:45 am by: Conor Friedersdorf

    How Christians could talk to America about sex
  • Obama's Most Important Achievement in the Middle East

    9 September 2014, 1:55 pm by: Jeffrey Goldberg

    The president is a superior terrorist hunter. He has also neutralized a profound existential threat to U.S. allies in the Middle East, and denied ISIS access to vast storehouses of deadly chemical weapons. So why does he get no credit?

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