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  • It's On: Lawyers Fight For Supreme Court To Take Their Marriage Equality Case

    29 August 2014, 5:25 pm

    The only question is whether the justices will agree to take on the issue — and, if so, which case or cases it’s going to be.…
  • American White Nationalists To Hold Conference With Russian And European Far Right

    29 August 2014, 4:34 pm

    The fringes of the U.S. conservative movement build bridges with their counterparts on the other side of the Atlantic.…
  • A Republican Congressman Is Actually Upset About Obama's Tan Suit

    29 August 2014, 1:50 pm

    Is this real life?…
  • Republicans: DREAMer Legal Status Program Invites "Fraud And Abuse"

    29 August 2014, 1:40 pm

    Chuck Grassley and Bob Goodlatte argue the administration hasn’t been transparent with DACA.…
  • Republicans Seize On Obama's "No Strategy" To Combat ISIS Comments

    29 August 2014, 12:53 pm

    The White House has been frantically trying to change the message since Thursday’s press conference.…
  • White House Finally Stops Dodging Questions On Obama's Suit

    29 August 2014, 12:14 pm

    This is where we are.…
  • Multimillion Dollar Lawsuit Filed Against Ferguson, St. Louis For Police Actions

    28 August 2014, 6:26 pm

    “Defendants took up arms and, in militaristic displays of force and weaponry, engaged U.S. Citizens as if they were war combatants,” the suit claims.…
  • Obama On ISIS: "We Don't Have A Strategy Yet"

    28 August 2014, 4:44 pm

    The president said media might be “further ahead” than where the administration currently is on strikes in Syria.…
  • Autopsy: Lethal Injection Killed Man In Oklahoma's Botched Execution

    28 August 2014, 3:08 pm

    Broader review of Oklahoma’s execution procedures ordered after Clayton Lockett’s botched execution also coming to a close, with a report expected in the next week, officials say.…
  • U.S. Officials Won't Call Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine An "Invasion"

    28 August 2014, 1:02 pm

    Whatever you do, don’t call it an invasion.…
  • How One Union Is Playing For Both Sides In The Battle Between Uber And Taxis

    28 August 2014, 11:03 am

    East Coast vs. West Coast.…
  • Hundreds Rally In L.A. For Obama To Include Immigrant Workers In Executive Actions

    28 August 2014, 12:31 am

    The National Day Laborer Organizing Network wants to ensure immigrant workers are included in President Obama’s executive action.…
  • Rick Perry Is Selling T-Shirts With His Mugshot On It

    27 August 2014, 2:26 pm

    Because why not.…
  • There Is An Epidemic Of GOP Members Of Congress Sharing Fake Founding Fathers

    27 August 2014, 1:57 pm

    Give me liberty, or give me a fact check. Via LINK: A Full Explanation Of All The Misquotes Are Here
  • Iowa Politician Admits To Accepting Illegal Money From Ron Paul Campaign

    27 August 2014, 1:27 pm

    The end of an ugly 2012 scandal.…
  • Bill O'Reilly's White Privilege Memo

    27 August 2014, 12:25 pm

    Here’s America’s highest rated cable news host explaining why he doesn’t believe in white privilege, a concept he says is “the big lie” being perpetuated by “racial hustlers.”…
  • 21 Years Of Evasive Answers From The White House

    27 August 2014, 9:48 am

    George Stephanopoulos dodged the press more than any other briefer-in-chief since 1993. But every briefer had their quirks.…
  • GOP Congressman: Impeachment Would Probably Cost Republicans The Senate

    26 August 2014, 4:52 pm

    Rep. Kenny Marchant says despite the “very slim chance” the House would vote to impeach Obama, “that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done.”…
  • Indiana, Wisconsin Lawyers Get Tough Questions Over States' Marriage Bans

    26 August 2014, 3:10 pm

    The three 7th Circuit Court of Appeals judges appeared ready to strike down Indiana’s law and Wisconsin’s constitutional amendment banning same-sex couples from marrying.…
  • Nearly Every Founding Fathers' Quote Shared By A Likely Future Congressman Is Fake

    26 August 2014, 2:23 pm

    A future “constitutional conservative” member of Congress.…

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